Monday Morning…

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“Life’s more than breath and the quick round of blood; It is a great spirit and a busy heart.” Philip James Bailey


I am beginning to believe that there is nothing that is more damaging to a person’s spirit than a Monday morning. The irritating sound of an alarm ordering your participation in an eight-hour dance, and the realization that this is the beginning steps to a forty hour plus marathon, dancing to someone else’s music, and finding the beat becoming stagnant and uninspiring. Name: Fat man dances and the poor man pays the band…seems to have become the new way of life for many.


Many of my reflections on life though, seem to materialize while sitting quietly, observing the glowing sun slowly retreat behind a high mountaintop, settling into the recesses of night by blazing the sky with fiery colors that reflect from the clouds and bathe…

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Printable: Make A Monster Face

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Welcome to the ALEX Printables! There are new craft projects coming out all the time so make sure to check back and follow us on Facebook so you don’t miss any of the action! You can get all of the ALEX Printable Crafts by visiting our ALEX Printables and  Little Hands sections.

Just in time for the Halloween, here’s Make A Monster Face! Designed to be easy enough for preschoolers, it’s a fun activity for kids that involves no more than cutting and pasting. Make lots of different faces with various combinations of cut-out features! When they’re done they can show off their hard work and hang the monster faces up as Halloween decorations!

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Fancy Fridays .25


Happy Friday (um in Asia)~ I listed the origami bird painting on etsy today 🙂 I want to clear some space for a more “winter” painting. Check it out here:

Top five fancy’d items of the week, clockwise from top left:

(1) Ice canyon in Greenland (I really need to start exploring the upper northern portions of our globe)

(2) About a Chair by Hay (I more like the composition of this picture. The chair is great but even better with the art in the back)

(3) Puck wall lights by Vibia (simple, clean and ethereal. Just how I like it.)

(4) Zhangjiajie National Park in the Hunan province of China (like in a dream… A lucid dream where I start hopping from mountain top to mountain top :))

(5) Bobby Low Top Sneakers by Isabel Marant (I’m generally not a sneakers kind of girl but I actually like…

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les femmes du rock


Here’s a quick bunch of inspiration for y’all today. Since I dyed my hair blonde again, I’ve been toying with the idea of being Debbie Harry for Halloween. Between her and Joan Jett, I’ve been coveting the spandex, leather, graphic t shirts and messed up hair look. Its definitely not the most flattering look on everyone, but these women were so naturally beautiful they pulled it off seamlessly. I don’t know about the rest of you, but these photos make me want to put on a wide belt, light up a cigarette and listen to pour some sugar on me.







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Mystic or Manic?: Religion on the Brain (or Your Brain on Religion)?

Tragic Farce

Last night I was having a twittersation with someone named Simon Albert, a nonconforming, conservative Ron Paul supporter who refuses to go along with the Romney Republicans, about something entirely unrelated (at least in obvious ways) to politics: the nature of cosmic reality and what human minds can know about it. It’s not easy to have conversations of such weight in so ephemeral a format, but, of course, that rarely stops “tweeple” from trying.

It began when Albert tweeted, “God is real. #jesus#atheism.” Clearly, Albert was trolling for an argument with an atheist and he put a great big juicy worm on his hook. I bit.

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